About Us

Brilliant Minds. Tireless work ethic. Aspen helps forward-thinking enterprises evolve faster.

Who we are

Aspen is a CX company that’s engineering at the speed of business. We’ve worked at traditional large contact center integrators, and in most cases, they are too slow and lack the agility needed in today’s rapidly evolving market. We set out to build something different. Something smarter and faster.

Aspen is a company that’s purpose-built for the Cloud. We take the best technologies of today and help our clients deploy CX solutions that used to take years in a matter of weeks. Our approach is designed to make it faster and easier for today’s enterprises to integrate new Cloud technologies, wrap them in automation that improves efficiency, and then make those systems smarter with vertical data.

With Aspen at your side, rapid enterprise evolution becomes effortless.

Our Culture

At Aspen there’s no “Me, my or I.” We are a proud “WE” culture and put a strong emphasis on teamwork. Nobody does it by themselves, but as a team, we can accomplish incredible things. And we love celebrating those big wins together.

We believe in working hard and playing hard – and there’s no better place to do that than our home base of Grand Junction, Colorado. We chose Grand Junction for our own love of the outdoors, and our team members enjoy biking, hiking, skiing, rafting, and paddle boarding around the area.

What we didn’t realize, when we moved here, was just how many obscenely smart people there are in Grand Junction. We’re incredibly proud to be bringing great tech jobs to a rapidly developing area where an unparalleled sense of work/life balance can be achieved.

If you’re interested in joining the Aspen team, drop us a line. We’d love to talk.

2021 Colorado Companies to Watch

Many flock to the mountains of the Western Slope to enjoy the clouds of snow that descend upon the various ski resorts and mountain towns. However, Aspen Technology Group capitalizes on a very different type of cloud that is now a mainstay in the world of remote work. Specializing in Amazon Web Services, the Aspen Technology Group understands the importance of cloud computing and its ability to exponentially lower the technological overhead costs for companies looking to join the cloud revolution.

Director of Operations Buddy Webster says none of this growth would have been possible without the Aspen Technology Group’s secret weapon: its employees. “We want our employees to enjoy where they work without the ‘corporate’ culture that many disfavor,” Webster said. “Our employees without contention are our most valuable asset, and we go to great lengths to appreciate them.”

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