AWS AI + Machine Learning

Amazon’s AI/ML platforms open up a world of possibilities for your business. Aspen can help you leverage these technologies with custom solutions that dramatically reduce costs, enhance business intelligence and improve customer experiences. 

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is a fully-managed service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text (chat bots). Aspen’s custom Lex solutions make it possible for you to to quickly and easily deploy chat bots that make game-changing improvements to contact center efficiency, while creating engaging customer experiences and reducing costs.

Amazon Polly (Text to Speech)

Amazon Polly uses deep learning technology to turn text into lifelike speech. Aspen can help you integrate Polly into your call center, and create highly engaging applications that talk, saving the time and cost of human labor in many day-to-day interactions.

Amazon Contact Lens (Contact Center Analytics)

Amazon Contact Lens allows you to gain deeper insights into your contact center. Aspen can help you fully leverage Amazon’s natural language processing technology to unearth the intelligence your company needs. Analyze trends and sentiment in customer conversations to gain valuable product feedback, track the compliance of your contact center agents and more.

Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe makes it easy to add speech-to-text capabilities to your call center workflows, enabling more analysis and greater insights. Aspen can wrap automations around these various workflows so you get the results you need – record, transcribe and prepare data for easy analysis, without manual intervention. 

Amazon Comprehend (Text Analytics)

Amazon Comprehend allows you to extract valuable insights from text using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Aspen can help you integrate Comprehend with your Contact Center, CRM and other mission critical technologies, giving you invaluable intel on trends and customer feedback from your service calls.

Amazon Sagemaker (Machine Learning)

Amazon Sagemaker is a Cloud platform for developing and deploying machine learning models. The Aspen team brings high level expertise in Sagemaker and the AWS stack, giving you a proven partner who can design custom AI/ML models to optimize your various contact center processes and improve the efficiency of your workforce.

Amazon Lambda (Serverless Computing)

Amazon Lambda is an event-driven serverless computing platform. Aspen’s expertise in Lambda solutions enables you to easily automate contact center workflows, saving labor and greatly expediting the speed to solution for customer service calls.

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