Cloud based solutions tailored to help government agencies meet their goals while delivering the best experience to their clients – at lower costs.


Security & Compliance

Government agencies have unique needs when it comes to security and compliance. Aspen Technologies understands how to navigate the complex landscape of federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. Because every implementation is different, Aspen works with the customer to define how the proposed solution architecture delivers the required compliance for their jurisdiction. Aspen has experience building in a FedRAMP boundary as well as delivered custom user interfaces that meet Section 508 accessibility rules.


As government agencies migrate their services to the cloud, Aspen Technologies has the expertise to ensure that the required resiliency is part of the design. From distributed systems to recovery planning, Aspen helps government agencies plan for failure so that their constituents can rely on the services provided. Not only does Aspen architect with redundancy as a principle, scalability is always part of the design – ensuring that agencies can innovate without constraint.

Cost Optimization

Government agencies are held to a different accountability when it comes to spend. To that end, Aspen Technologies can help organizations accurately forecast what their operational spend will be with AWS as well as architect solutions that optimize the AWS services and lend to a greater ROI for the tax-payers. With a consumption-based cost model and menu-based pricing for implementation services, agencies have complete transparency around their contact center expenses.

Operational Excellence

Contact centers for government agencies require a unique level of process. Aspen Technologies can help organizations create and execute internal mechanisms to automate changes, respond to events and manage day to day operations.
Aspen is well versed in contact center management needs and can help government IT organizations provide the tools that customer service leaders require, such as keyword dashboards, sentiment analysis, and contact experience data.

Enabling an Improved Constituent Engagement Model

“All of these improved digital services are working together to reduce field office wait times and offering customers convenient options to complete DMV transactions. In fact, 90 percent of customers we surveyed gave the DMV 6 out of 7 points for their experience. This tells us the technologies we are incorporating to provide superior customer service are being positively received by those we serve.”

Derek Chan
Chief of the CA DMV Customer Information Branch

Government Case Studies

The Challenge

CA DMV was spending $1.2M each month on its Verizon InContact call center. It also received negative press due to extremely high call hold times of one to three hours, resulting in very low customer satisfaction. CA DMV needed a contact center to reduce hold times, provide self-service options, and reduce costs and heavy dependence on agents.

The Solution

Aspen implemented Amazon Connect in the CA DMV call center and created four new self-service options for the most common call reasons, driver’s license renewals, vehicle registration renewals, insurance reinstatement fees, and automated booking for field office appointments. Customers can work through the self-service options without the need to talk to an agent.

Aspen incorporated a Lex-powered IVR that integrated into the backend with API using multiple Lambdas, allowing customers to work through the IVR without talking to an agent. This resulted in over 50% cost reduction while increasing customer satisfaction scores by 35% – all deployed within four months.

Aspen integrated with Calabrio to provide CA DMV insights into the employees’ work needs for targeted goals, assessment tools, and mentorship to grow in their positions. This integration also provides useable customer metrics like measuring customer happiness through machine learning, spotting trends, and making possible interventions.

Incorporating with Kibana to create real-time dashboards (sortable charts, graphs, maps, metrics, and searches) allowed CA DMV management to control call reporting, quality management, workforce management, analytics, and advanced reporting with all the data gathered daily.

Aspen implemented Uniphore (formerly Jacada), an automated conversation technology to recognize speech and text, understand sentiment and intent, and decipher multiple languages. This tool allows technology to handle many customers’ everyday needs to free up the agents to address more complex issues.

Aspen also created an integration that sends data into Tableau for automated reporting so CA DMV can create valuable dashboards and reports to help them understand their data. This integration optimizes customer experiences, improves customer satisfaction, and earns loyalty.

The Challenge

LAISD was looking for a way better to serve callers on informational lookups and any technology-related problems. During peak hours, call hold times were long, and self-service options were limited, resulting in costly service and low customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Aspen implemented Amazon Connect in the LAISD call center, allowing calls to be more efficiently routed, with Lex enabled AI handling the majority of the calls through self-service options.

Aspen built an integration using Lambda with Cherwell (now Ivanti) for tickets and IT self-service to help county employees experiencing IT issues to log in, get answers with common and easily handled support requests, and track more complicated issues.

Aspen integrated with Kibana/Elasticsearch to create real-time dashboards for sortable charts, graph s, maps, metrics, and searches. Kibana allowed LAISD management to take control of on-call reporting, quality management, workforce management, analytics, and advanced reporting with all the daily data. This information helped them identify problems and areas where they could improve.

This solution also provided sentiment analysis and real-time feedback on whether a customer was happy, frustrated, or angry during their call.

Aspen Solution Delivery

Aspen Report Normalization

For reporting purposes, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) required call center data be ingested into their Tableau instance. To fulfill this requirement, Aspen implemented our solution named Aspen Report Normalization. It transforms raw data coming from Amazon Connect into a format easily queried by Structured Query Language (SQL) and makes the data query-able via Amazon Athena. Amazon Athena is then queried by the CA DMV’s Tableau team to perform analytics on the call center data.

In summary, Aspen’s Report Normalization solution takes all the data generated from multiple data sources and flattens it, making it query-able with market leading BI tools. Connect produces records that are bundled together and are not easily consumed by Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Our solution allows almost any BI tool to query the output data with an ODBC connector.

Custom Callback Logic

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV)’s main customer support line is 100% callback based. To enhance this system’s capability, Aspen has implemented Aspen Callback Logic (ACL) solution, comprising a number of powerful features. Logic is in place to prevent duplicate calls in the callback queue, provide an estimated wait time, and a pre-call Short Message Service (SMS) message to confirm that a callback is still necessary has been implemented.

Question & Answer Bot

Aspen has implemented an Aspen Question and Answer (AQNA) bot to handle call deflection and call routing . This bot is accessible from the main menu of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and interaction with it is required in order to reach an agent outside of self-service error paths. The AQNA bot serves useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to the customers as well as provides Short Message Service (SMS) links so the customer can go online to solve their problem. In the event that a customer wants to speak to an agent, the bot is developed to handle routing of the caller to the proper callback queue. If the customer’s needs can be handled via self-service contact flows, the customer is prompted if they would like to proceed with that route. Reporting and analytics for the AQNA bot lives in Kibana. Data is collected for bot performance and deflection and is used to enhance the accuracy of the bot’s comprehension.

Our Public Sector Practice

Customer Experience Consulting

As the world of CRM and Contact Center move closer we are at the forefront of helping customers utilize the combination of these key solutions. CRM solutions help a business manage and become closer to customers while contact center will route the customer to the best available channel to meet their needs. Our Consulting team is focused on helping our customers reach their goals using these solutions. We believe in outcome based results and have a process in place to help you define goals and deliver on a roadmap to achieve results.

Integrate & Deploy

Providing seamless integration across platforms. Save time and be more productive while Aspen works to deploy the solutions that has been designed. We offer solutions to automate basic processes and tasks that help you create  more efficient workflows. Time is a non renewable resource. Stop wasting it on things that are easily replicable with automation and AI solutions. Our experts will have your new solution up and running in weeks, not months and years. 

Ongoing Support and Business Partnership

Having a solution that works is important but so is the ongoing operational plan. Based on the vendors used to provide an overall Customer Experience solution, Aspen will provide a single point of contact for support and guidance. Our USA based support staff is will provide support, guidance and regular health checks to make sure results are being delivered.

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