Aspen has engineered leading cloud solutions across a variety of industries. Here are just a few.

Financial Services

Create a frictionless customer experience that scales with your business. Aspen helps financial services clients securely integrate omnichannel customer contact, CRM, and Cloud solutions that improve customer experience, lower costs and increase reliability. We know security is important to you; Aspen and Amazon give you the best-in-class solution for maintaining security, compliance and privacy.

Public Sector

Our Cloud-based solutions are tailored to help government agencies meet their goals while delivering the best experience to their clients – at lower costs. The pay-as-you-go model also ensures lower up-front costs for start-ups, government agencies, and small businesses. Our host of services allow for maximum scalability for more efficient business practice that can keep up with the unpredictability of demand.

Healthcare &
Life Science

Bring patient CRM and scheduling to the Cloud while supporting regulatory compliance and enhancing security. Secure and control patient data, enable data interoperability, and facilitate collaboration using secure AWS services designed to conform to global industry standards. Communicate with your patients on their preferred channels. With Cloud solutions, Telehealth capabilities are endless.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Aspen brings you Cloud-based solutions that enhance the customer experience, lower costs, and improve efficiency while helping your company meet SLAs. Leveraging the Cloud, our BPO solutions help outsourcers deliver effective and efficient service, real-time analytics and unmatched data privacy. Cloud-based BPOs make traditional equipment-intensive data centers of the past obsolete.


Retail has entered the omnichannel era. Our Cloud-based solutions give you the flexibility to keep up with the times. Aspen provides more buying options for customers and faster integration for agents, making the process efficient and easy. Our retail clients have access to all the emerging channels in the retail industry, with solutions designed to create customer experiences that give you a competitive advantage.


Our education solutions are built with reliable infrastructure capacity and technical support to help parents, students, and teachers adapt to the challenges of remote learning. Our Cloud solutions can immediately lower infrastructure costs, allowing a seamless transition from in-person instruction to a completely online or hybrid learning environments, as needed.

Our Services

Customer Experience Consulting

As the world of CRM and Contact Center move closer, we are crafting solutions for clients that dramatically lower costs and improve customer satisfaction. We take a results-based approach, lending our platform-specific experience and AI/Automation expertise to help you achieve your vision. Aspen will partner with you the whole way to define goals and deliver a roadmap to achieve results.

Integrate and Deploy

Time is a non-renewable resource. Stop wasting it on things that are easily replicable with automation and AI solutions. Aspen can instantly make you more productive by weaving seamless integrations across platforms and wrapping automation around workflows to eliminate tasks that eat up precious time. Our experts give you rapid results, with solutions that are up and running in weeks, not months or years.

Ongoing Support and Business Partnership

Your business will evolve. It’s important that your Customer Experience and CRM solutions evolve with it. Aspen provides a single point of contact for support, guidance and rapid Cloud evolution. Everyone has felt the pain of being hampered by legacy systems that drag behind the rest of the business. With Aspen at your side, you never have to worry about falling behind again.

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