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Transform How Customers & Agents Interact

Deliver efficient, informative experiences with the tools and intelligence needed to satisfy today’s customers, and make customer service profitable. Kustomer’s true omnichannel capabilities provide the multi-device support customers use in their everyday lives. It’s modern support for contemporary teams, who converse the only way they know how—instantly. No more managing multiple tabs to track down information.. Kustomer provides a customizable, single-screen view of the entire customer journey, so your team will never need to leave the platform.


Self-Service With Ease

Automate 40% of Your Conversations Without Compromising Quality. Embrace AI and deflect support volume across your digital channels with automation and knowledge management that helps customers help themselves. Kustomer IQ empowers organizations to automate low-level, 24/7 service without hiring an army. Our chatbots enable end-to-end resolution across chat, social and messaging applications by handling repetitive questions and helping customers get the updates they need without involving an agent.


Artificial Intelligence With Kustomer IQ

AI isn’t taking over. It’s simply driving smarter processes for both customers and agents. Kustomer IQ contextualizes conversations, eliminates time- consuming tasks and deflects repetitive questions so everyone is less distracted and you reduce cost per contact. 

High-growth brands can’t manage an influx of customer needs and effectively scale without eliminating manual, time-consuming work, like sifting through queues, escalating issues, or processing transactions. 

Kustomer IQ uses machine learning to analyze and classify inbound conversations, which can activate processes that expedite customer experiences and free agents for more valuable engagement.


CRM for Streamlined Customer Service

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership By Putting the Customer Back in CRM Legacy CRMs were built to manage cases, not customers. That’s so 20 years ago. You shouldn’t pay more for operational solutions AND modern communication tools in order to provide effective support.Kustomer is a new CRM for customer service, focused on the customer to follow their entire service journey and optimize every experience. Kustomer is cloud based platform that integrates seamlessly to your other data sources and business intelligence tools.


Meeting The Needs Of The Modern Customer

With an intuitive interface and beautiful design. Personalize your customers experience with more details and knowledge of who they are and how to better serve them. It’s time to stop the status quo of customer experience today with a truly omnichannel platform that offers everything your agents need to delight your customers.


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