Netsuite is a cloud-based ERP that scales as your business grows. This is a single solution that connects your entire business across finance, procurement, sales, service, and supply chain. NetSuite streamlines mission-critical processes and reduces IT costs, allowing you to easily scale and future-proof your business.

Turning to the Cloud with Netsuite ERP

Successfully executing your enterprise cloud ERP strategy means turning to the world’s most proven, trusted, and deployed cloud ERP solution — NetSuite. With more than 16,000 customers running NetSuite across more than 200 countries and dependent territories, many of the world’s best-known brands trust their businesses to NetSuite to securely  take their financial and operational processes to the cloud.

  1. Scale With Ease: Gain the agility, flexibility, and scalability your business needs to power innovation and growth.
  2. Achieve a More Complete Picture of Your Business: Built-in business intelligence provides real-time insights into key business performance indicators for a unified view of the organization.
  3. Future-Proof Your Organization: Bid farewell to version lock and improve agility with software that is always current with all customizations carried forward to support your business.

Do need more advanced functionality or ongoing support for your NetSuite system?

Are you finished with your NetSuite implementation but want more? You’re not alone. We hear this from NetSuite customers all the time. They tell us they want:

  • More advanced functionality 
  • More business specific logic 
  • More ways to make use of your core business data 
  • Ongoing Support of their NetSuite system

It’s all possible with NetSuite and the right partner to guide your way. Aspen is that Solution Partner. Our approach is to help you better use existing NetSuite features, while adding functionality to solve your business problems. Combined with our Enhanced Care package, you will have support at your fingertips and answers resolved promptly.

NetSuite CRM


Sales Force Automation 

Equip sales with real-time access to prospect, customer, opportunity, and order records – Manage opportunities across status, revenue, key contacts, notes, and related documents – Provide sales managers with a complete view of all leads and opportunities in the pipeline – Capture detailed records across all interactions and convert opportunities into quotes and sales orders. 

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time dashboards deliver customizable, role-based reports to sales, marketing, and service teams – Measure continuous sales performance with personalized key performance indicators – Access sales goals, such as achieved versus quota, actual versus sales forecast, and sales pipeline by stage – Monitor customer service metrics on call resolution times, customer satisfaction, subscription renewals, call volumes, and case trends – Examine marketing benchmarks like lead-to-close metrics, number of website unique visitors, lead generation trends, and customer acquisition costs




Netsuite: A modern Scalable ERP

With Aspen and Netsuite you will:

  • Improve production efficiency
  • Reduce obsolete inventory and associated costs
  • Reduce time to close books
  • Improve utilization of staff
  • Improve order processing
  • Speed up time to invoice

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