Platform Expertise

Aspen makes your mission-critical technologies talk to one another. We specialize in a wide range of customer contact, CRM and ERP platforms. We can wrap these platforms in AI/ML, bots, and automation, saving thousands of hours of labor and making your systems smarter in the process.

What is BPO 2.0?

Traditional Business Process Outsourcing looked offshore to reduce customer service costs. In BPO 2.0 offshore labor is replaced with automation, AI and bots. This greatly reduces overhead costs, decreases customer wait times and leads to higher overall customer satisfaction scores.



Aspen is a leader in helping enterprises leverage BPO 2.0 by automating processes for mission-critical systems and then integrating vertical data to make those systems smarter.

AWS Connect

Aspen is an Amazon Advanced Consulting partner with leading expertise in the Connect platform and over 500 launches under our belt. Our team can help you create a vastly superior experience, by tailoring a completely custom wrapper of automations, bots, AI, analytics and vertical data around your Connect contact center. With Aspen, you get a fully optimized solution that is 100% dialed into your unique business processes, platforms and needs.

AWS AI & Machine Learning

Aspen has deep expertise in the many AI/ML platforms in the AWS stack. We can help you enhance CX, automate critical workflows and analyze your business using Amazon Sagemaker, Contact Lens, Lex, Polly, Transcribe, Comprehend and other technologies. With Amazon’s technology and Aspen’s expertise, critical business processes can happen seamlessly in the background, reducing costs and improving the customer experience.

Oracle Netsuite

Netsuite is the world’s leading ERP platform. Aspen can create a three-way conversation between Netsuite, your CRM, and your customer contact technologies so you get a full picture of what is happening and why with your customers and your enterprise.


Salesforce is the world’s #1 Cloud-based CRM platform. Aspen can help you optimize your Salesforce CRM and integrate Salesforce with your contact center platform so you’re extracting optimal intelligence on your customers and have the groundwork laid for industry-leading service. We can wrap your CRM and contact center in automation, AI, chat bots, and customer intelligence solutions that improve customer experience, reduce wait times and dramatically reduce contact center costs.

Genesys Cloud

Aspen can help you extract the full potential of Genesys Cloud with end-to-end solutions: CX consulting, deployment, integrations and support. Our team can wrap Genesys with automations, bots, conversational AI, analytics and vertical data. The result is an optimized solution that is all your own, tailored to your processes to reduce costs and improve customer experiences. Aspen makes Genesys Cloud speak fluently with your other systems so nothing is lost in translation.

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