Quick Base provides an easy and versatile way to create an application platform for everyone. From payroll, to project management, and CRM Software, Quick Base provides low code and quick data connectivity to provide your business with faster integration and innovation. 






Quick Base CRM Software

Your business isn’t a “one-size fits all” concept, so your CRM software shouldn’t be either. Other CRM solutions have excessive and complex features for your users. Quick Base’s easy and flexible platform allows your business to customize, filter, and scale its CRM to your business needs


Enable real-time data through simple drag and drop boards. 

Quick Base Project Management

Bring your team together, to focus on important tasks and the progress of your projects, instead of tracking each project. Quick Base can help you organize tables and tools to consolidate and organize your data; allowing your teams to collaborate in real-time, and adapt workflows accordingly.


Provide customized visibility of your teams’ projects or pipelines.




Quick Base Customer Support

Quick Base’s robust platform allows your business to enhance customer service and support by improving response time and resolution of service request tickets. Quick Base assists your business in keeping track of access with permissions and configurable roles, allowing accessibility from anywhere and on any device. Empower your team to be as efficient as possible by centralizing customer service requests into streamlined and visible data tables, charts, and maps. 




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“A QB quote internally from a customer.”

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