Aspen is your partner for rapid Cloud-based evolution. We handle more than just the basics of Cloud migration. We’re helping enterprises bring BPO 2.0 to life by wrapping automation and intelligence around your critical processes. Below are just a few of our areas of advanced expertise.

Customer Contact

As customer contact moves to the Cloud, enterprises need partners with proven results. Aspen can help your contact center reap all the benefits of Cloud, with expertise in automation and technology solutions that increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, while decreasing costs for your organization. With proven playbooks on all of today’s most popular platforms and industry-leading customizability, Aspen makes Cloud adoption and optimization effortless.

Automation & AI

Aspen is an expert at building AI and automation workflows that connect your critical systems, capture valuable data for your enterprise, enhance the customer experience, and increase security and compliance along the way. Getting successfully migrated to the Cloud is one thing, but maximizing its true potential is another. From event-driven AI & automation to bots and more, our solutions increase efficiencies and dramatically decrease costs for game-changing ROI.

Cloud Migration

Aspen is a hands-on partner for your Cloud migration services and strategy. We offer deep expertise and multiple certifications in Amazon, Google and Microsoft tech stacks and most any CRM. When you need complete solutions to lift and shift from legacy applications to a new or hybrid Cloud platform – and make all the pieces sing together in harmony – nobody else can match Aspen’s level of experience and technical know-how.

BPO 2.0

Aspen is helping enterprises realize the benefits of BPO 2.0 today. Our deep expertise in Customer Contact, CRM, automation and AI/ML allows many enterprises to make their tech stack do the work of a traditional offshore BPO, resulting in enormous cost savings and customer satisfaction scores. Realize the tremendous potential of bots, automations and AI to drive your business into the future with Aspen at your side.

Aspen Enhanced Care

Aspen Enhanced Care is an ongoing partnership and single point of support for your business across the entire Cloud contact center solution. We provide ongoing ticket management and quarterly business reviews to ensure your business remains a Cloud leader. We help with additional migration planning, automations, integrations of new Cloud-based applications, and continuous improvement of your Cloud environment as technology evolves around it.

Aspen Highlands

Some of our customers like to be able to directly build, modify and collaborate on their Cloud services infrastructure alongside the Aspen team. Aspen Highlands is a flagship administrative console that allows you to take full control of your build, with an enhanced, user-friendly interface. Aspen Highlands is an optional add-on available exclusively through our Enhanced Care package.

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