We have partnered with Amazon Web Services making

it possible for us to bring powerful Amazon tools to your business.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was created by Amazon for Amazon.

This platform offers some of the following applications and much more! 

Amazon Connect

We can help you quickly and efficiently build a cloud-based call center application on AWS Connect. This includes using related 3rd party ISV partners as needed.  AWS Connect is rapidly growing in . the marketplace based on customer sucess and quickly scale based on usage based billing. This core AWS service is used to create contact flows, call queues, manage phone agents, track performance metrics, create custom customer service auto-attendants, add AWS artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience. 

Amazon Chime

This application is for real-time, high quality online meetings, video conferencing and basic telephony. Amazon chime is a reliable screen sharing and chat application that has added benefit when combined with AWS Connect. This is another on-demand, pay as you go service.

Amazon Lex

Build voice and text conversational interfaces that can be integrated with any application. This tool uses deep learning functions like automatic speech recognition, converting speech to text and natural language understanding, recognizing the intent of the text. AWS LEX makes it possible for your business to create a highly engaging customer experience. Amazon Lex can be used to allow customers to request a balance or schedule an appointment without having to talk to an agent. Pay for this application as you use it.

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