As a Zoho partner we are here to support all of your Zoho application needs.  We are here to guide you through the first steps of setting up Zoho and we are glad provide ongoing training. At Aspen Technology Group, Inc we believe in empowering our users, therefore we strive to continuously create training materials. 
Zoho is an excellent cloud-based business solution. The application is highly customizable, easily addressing all your business needs.  ​​
Get all 40+ Zoho applications for $35/Month/User *Minimum of 5 users. 

Zoho Sales

Zoho CRM

Zoho’s customer relationship management (CRM) application is powerful and easy to use.  The user interface is sleek and simple.  Zoho CRM can be integrate with other Zoho applications or your favorite third party applications. 

Zoho Analytics

This a powerful reporting application.  Create custom reports, custom charts and graphs.  Integrate Zoho Analytics with other Zoho applications or popular third party applications like QuickBooks. 

Zoho Contact Manager

Not ready for Zoho CRM? Use Zoho contact manager to keep track of your business contacts and service agreements. This Zoho application integrates with third party applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365 and MailChimp. 

Zoho Motivator

Turn KPIs and sales goals into interactive contests with Zoho Motivator.  You will receive regular notifications for company measurables and you can incentivize your sales people with prizes/rewards. 

Zoho SalesInbox

Link your business inbox with Zoho CRM; pulling email correspondence directly into the application.  This feature integrates nearly any type of email configuration.  The connection is seamless and without duplication.

Zoho Sites

Build your website and produce blogs using Zoho Sites. There are nearly 100 website templates to choose from making it possible to quickly create a professional web design. 

Zoho Marketing

Zoho Backstage

This application is for event management. Create agendas, share the event on social media, set a price, view detailed event analytics and make your event available in multiple languages. 

Zoho Campaigns

This is an amazing email campaign application.  Create, track and send professional email campaigns. Connect Zoho Campaigns to Zoho CRM, create email automations and triggers based on subscriber behavior. 

Zoho Forms

Easily generate and customize business forms.  Embed the form into social media or on your website.  Push the form data to Zoho CRM. 

Zoho Page Sense

Integrate this application with your website. It can be used for A/B testing, search engine optimization, analyzing visitor behavior, track business goals, gather data on your audience. This application can be combined with the Zoho suite, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel and Clicky. 

Zoho SalesIQ

This is an awesome website monitoring tool.  Get a real-time view of traffic on your website.  Interact with website vistors using the chat feature. 

Zoho Social

Manage all of your social media platforms from one console.  Create posts, schedule posts, interact with your followers.  Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Business. 

Zoho Survey

This tool can be used to create custom surveys and questionnaires.  These can be shared via your website or social media. If you do not have access to your target audience, this application allows you to purchase research panels. Making sure the survey reaches your demographic.  

Zoho Support

Zoho Desk

This is a ticketing Queue. Create agent queues or team queues, auto assign ticket numbers, document resolutions, enter your time, add attachments or easily escalate the issue to other agents. View a well-designed dashboard showing the incoming and outgoing traffic, your customer satisfactions ratings, open ticket counts and their progress. 

Zoho Assist

This is an excellent tool that allows you to remotely connect to another person’s computer.  You can share your screen or take control of their system.  This is particularly useful for support technicians or help desk technicians that need full control over a system enabling them to troubleshoot an issue. 

Zoho Communication

Zoho Mail

This is a cloud or desktop application.  Access your inbox, calendar, tasks, notes, contacts and bookmarks. The Zoho mail application bundles the most fundamental business applications keeping you organized and efficient. 

Zoho Cliq

Create internal message boards and chat instantly with your Zoho users. Keep your entire team informed not matter where they are located. 

Zoho Collaboration

Zoho Connect

This is an internal communication platform.  Your employees can access a newsfeed, all of their tasks lists, company manuals or files.  You can add company events or create internal discussion forums.  Zoho connect makes it possible for your team to have all their tools at their fingertips. 

Zoho Meeting

Host virtual meetings with individuals all over the world.  Screensharing capabilities enabling you to provide real time support. 

Zoho Projects

Keep track of your project’s progress.  Create task lists, assign teams, create reminder notifcations and watch the progress bar as your project approaches completion. 

Zoho Showtime

This application is specially designed for web conferencing and virtual training.  Monitor trainee engagement with activity progress bars and question tracking. Record the webinars, making them available after training is over. 

Zoho Sprints

This is another project management tool.  Drag and Drop tasks to their projects. Easily view the progress of each project.  Track your hours using the time sheet feature and get a glimpse of your company’s efficiency using the detailed dashboards or reports. 

Zoho Productivity

Zoho Docs

This is Zoho’s built-in, cloud-based word processor application.  Create documents or templates, then easily link them to any record throughout the Zoho application family.  

Zoho Notebook

Zoho’s note-taking application is available for your desktop or mobile devices. You can add text, audio, images, sketches, checklists and more to your notes. 

Zoho Sheets

This is Zoho’s cloud-based spreadsheet application.  Add formula’s, pivot tables, graphs and much more to your data sets. Collaborate with your co-workers and access the spreadsheet from anywhere.  This application is compatible with Microsoft Excel. 

Zoho Show

Create training materials with a slide show.  Easily collaborate with your co-workers. Share your presentation with the rest of the world by giving it a URL.  This application is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Zoho Sign

Require a customer or client’s signature? This application will give you the ability to have them sign documents digitally. 

Zoho Vault

There are so many passwords! Keep them organized with this password management tool.  Keep passwords concealed and organized.

Zoho Finance

Zoho Books

Ready to ditch expensive third party accounting applications? Manage it all in Zoho Books. Integrates beautifully with the Zoho Suite. 

Zoho Checkout

Use this application to accept one-time or recurrent payments.  Customize the payment page with your company’s logo and information. Use this application with the other Zoho applications to create a hassle-free process. 

Zoho Expense

Keep track of your business expenses using Zoho Expense.  Submit your expense information to your accounting department with the click of a button. 

Zoho Inventory

This is a product stock and warehouse management tool. If this application is integrated with Zoho Invoice you can keep track of all your inbound and outbound product transactions.  Is your product split between different locations? No problem, simply enable the warehouse feature giving your a real-time view of all product activity.  

Zoho Invoice

Create professional, easy to read invoices. Deliver your invoices by mail or email.  Accept online payment by integrating with Stripe, PayPal, WePay, Square,, 2checkout, Braintree, worldpay or forte. 

Zoho Subscriptions

This is a super sleek application making it possible for you to setup recurring service subscriptions.  Your business can automate billing and accept payments online. You can even add subscription widgets to your website making signing up a breeze. 

Zoho HR

Zoho People

This is an HR management tool.  Keep track of time sheets, attendance, important employee forms or documents, integrate HR forms with your website or integrate your entire payroll process. Since this application is cloud-based you can manage your people from anywhere. 

Zoho Recruit

Manage your entire hiring process from one console.  Create job openings, link them to well-known job sites such as Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, and nexxt.  Keep track of candidates, resumes, offer letters and assessments

Zoho Business Process

Zoho Flow

Integrate Zoho with 1000’s of third party applications. Setup automations and triggers using Zoho flow making it possible to seamlessly move data to and from Zoho to other third party applications. 

Zoho Analytics

This a powerful reporting application.  Create custom reports, custom charts and graphs.  Integrate Zoho Analytics with other Zoho applications or popular third party applications like QuickBooks. 

Zoho Creator

Can’t find the application you need? Build-it yourself or have us build it for you with Zoho Creator.